Make It Better Singer and songwriter Anthesianz officially launched his debut album, entitled #1 Hope. The album, which contains 8 singles, will also enliven the music industry in Indonesia and abroad. The man who is also an actor pours the lyrics of the song in English which are packaged in a neat and contemporary way. Anthesianz was also awarded the #ArtistForChange title by DistroKid, New York, USA-Charity for his contribution to focusing his attention on five international social movements. In addition, domestically, he also donated the proceeds from the sale of his single to the traditional playing preservation movement community, Traditional Games Returns, and the Wastra Nusantara Community. The songs in this album, such as Love Is In, Party In The Morning, Vividly, Hope and others, are full of tempo beats and melodies that bring listeners into the values ​​of local wisdom packaged in a contemporary feel. "All the lyrics of the song were expressed in English. Because it is in accordance with his hope, namely that through this work, it is hoped that it can reach anyone, anywhere in the world. So that love and peace will be created forever," said Anthesianz from Artstage Entertainment, DistroKid Records. He said, the #1 Hope album contains quality songs and has deep meaning, so the artistic value is very high. Because songwriters and singers have feelings and emotions embodied in their vocals and music. In addition, the songs, which will feature clothing from various works by Wastra Nusantara, make this album even thicker with the colors of Indonesian tradition. As a form of love and efforts to preserve exotic woven fabrics by Indonesian artists, it may be supported by an archipelago expert, Bung Samuel Wattimena.